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Technical analysis - Charts

Past market data, past price action is displayed by charts.

The most frequently used chart types are the line chart, the line chart with high and low, the bar chart, and - probably the most popular - the candle stick chart.

Charting in Streamster

The line chart

Line chartThe line chart is the most basic type of chart. It is generated by connecting a series of past prices together with a line. These prices are usually the average prices for a given period of time.


The line chart with high and low

Line chart with ligh and lowThe line chart with high and low is a more advanced line chart. More lines are added to the chart, one connecting the highest prices, the other connecting the lowest prices.


The bar chart

Bar chartThe bar chart shows 4 data about a given time period: the open price, the highest price, the lowest price and the close price. The open price represents the price at the begining of the period, the close price is the price at the end of the period, and the other two the highest and lowest price for the given period.



The candle stick chart

Candlestick chartThe candle stick chart shows the same data as the bar chart, the only difference it that the color of the candles indicate the direction of the change (up or down).Candle

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