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Economic Calendar

Forex Factory economic calendar legendIn the picture on the right, you can see the legend of the economic calendar below. I recommend you to focus on the high- and medium impact economic indicators. Refresh the page before every news relase and click on the "actual pending" icon several time in the minute of the release to get the actual value as fast as possible. Always focus on the difference between the actual and the forecasted value.

The highest the difference (no matter whether positive or negative) between the two numbers, the highest the possible impact on the market. One of the reasons why this happens is that the forecasted value is already priced in by the market, and if the forecast was wrong, there must be a correction. The other possible reason is, that day by day, more and more people are focusing on economic indicators and are buying the currency if the actual value is better than expected, and selling the currency if the actual value of the economic indicator is worse than forecasted.

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